26 January 2013

My Swans made Honorable Mention at the MPA’s

Half of the results are in and so lovely to find out my Swan Lake was awarded Honorable Mention in the Animals category.  All the images posted so far are spectacular!  Have a look Mobile Photography Awards

MPA Awards

22 January 2013


On the train into London on Saturday was trying to take a sneaky photo of this gentleman reading his newspaper but I caught him looking out the window as a train went past!  Love the original image with Hipstamatic Tinto and D-Plate but wanted a tiny bit more effect so apped it with Noir.



Had a huge delete session of apps today, both on iPhone and iPad!  Must have deleted about 25 of them!

21 January 2013

And yet more snow!

And the UK can never cope with it!  Instagramers London Meetup on Saturday at The BlackFriar Pub http://www.nicholsonspubs.co.uk/theblackfriarblackfriarslondon/findus/ an amazingly beautiful pub!

The Blackfriar pub


‘You can’t look at a sleeping cat and be tense’

Sleeping Honey

My little Honey!  Can you believe she is 17!  Her favourite sleeping place, right next to the radiator (or on it sometimes!).  Taken with Camera+ then apped with Snapseed, PhotoToaster, DynamicLight, ModernGrunge and Iris

19 January 2013

Huddled Up

Snow, it was snowing all day yesterday!  I ventured into Richmond early afternoon to try to take some photos.  Bit difficult with snowflakes all around!  Being Peruvian I am not a fan of snow!  But it is pretty when it just falls, unfortunately there was no sun!

Wanted to get some good shots with SlowShutter, in particular umbrellas!  Managed one decent one without too many snowflakes!  I used Light Trail, with Shutter Speed and Sensitivity of 1.


All I did was take it into Snapseed, cropped it, played around with Tune Image, Drama and then added some Grunge.

Huddled Up

Loving the new Hipsta Tinto 1884 Pack!


18 January 2013

New Start

So much has happened since my last post in April last year!  I love the iPhoneography community!  Because of it I am meeting so many lovely new friends, both locally and worldwide.  It’s really nice when I get a message from someone via Facebook saying they are coming to London and would I like to meet up with them!  Also meeting and making friends with amazing London iPhoneographers through Instagramers London.   With them I participated in the Iconic London Exhibition in December which was wonderful!  I get to discover parts of London that I had never been to.  I am going to Cleveland, Ohio for business on 27 January and on the way back stopping in New York for the weekend.  The lovely Catherine is letting me stay with her and is arranging a photo walk in New York on the 2nd.  How amazing is that!  My iphoneography has developed in all kinds of different styles.  I love this hobby!

I have created so many images since April so just going to post a huge selection of them and hopefully I can keep this updated!

The Houseboats 1St Pauls 4Last night reveller this morningRed stripesNighttime at the fairTwirlingWhisper sweet nothingsSpinning aroundExhilaratingUnder the bridgeJump inYes I'm down here now feed meMr HeronFlappingPoiseWhat's new pussycatsRasta SantaMind the GapEnjoying Santacon 2012Naked SantaLots of happy santasBah HumbugHappy touristsPassing the time (2)Chit ChattingHeading on to St PaulsAt the base of the eyeThe Street Light and the London Eye (2)The dashing officer and the little girl in the pink coatMarching ProudParading in the rainOn the wobbly bridge to St Paul'sAs the tube arrivesIMG_9752Follow the LightReflective RiversideLinesTo catch a train (2)St Paul's (3)Board WatchingI'm bigger than you so back offKing's Cross StationIt's in there somewhereSt Paul's ReflectingIMG_0391 (1)Ham HouseNew Shoes

And some older ones