27 August 2011


I flew out to Moscow on Sunday for work.  Went to train all the sales people on all our systems so was there til yesterday, Friday.  I was very lucky to stay in a beautiful hotel, the Baltschug Kempinski and I could walk over the bridge into the Red Square when I had a bit of spare time.  The whole area was simply spectacular!  I was extremely lucky that the 5 days I was there the weather was amazing, blue sky, sunny and warm!  I took so many photos that I am still processing them so will do separate posts as I go along.
First set are photos taken with Hipstamatic – the Dali Lens and DreamCanvas Film – love love the results, especially on buildings!
Moscow Hipstas 024Moscow Hipstas 025Moscow Hipstas 026Moscow Hipstas 028Moscow Hipstas 030Moscow Hipstas 031Moscow Hipstas 032Moscow Hipstas 034Moscow Hipstas 036Moscow Hipstas 038Moscow Hipstas 039Moscow Hipstas 044Moscow Hipstas 045Moscow Hipstas 046
All above are photos of St Basil’s Cathedral which is breathtaking!  Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to go inside the cathedral but if ever I go back to Moscow I will.  All photos are straight out of my iPhone4 so I have not done any processing to them.  The Dali does not show the amazing colours of the Cathedral, but the effects are so cool!
There is a beautiful building on one side of the Red Square – again all photos taken with Hipstamatic – some with Dali and the others with Watts.
Moscow Hipstas 103Moscow Hipstas 104Moscow Hipstas 106Moscow Hipstas 107Moscow Hipstas 108Moscow Hipstas 109Moscow Hipstas 110Moscow Hipstas 111Moscow Hipstas 112Moscow Hipstas 113

7 August 2011


Lynne’s fault!  We were skyping yesterday and I was showing her some of the apps on my iPad and how to use them!  I tried out one of my hipstamatic photos and really liked the results!  So have been working on some of my photos with this style!  Most of the photos are of Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, the London Eye and one from Windsor Castle.
Really loving this style, will be interesting to see how they print out!

6 August 2011

On to London

Skipped Hampton Court as don’t have that many photos!  Buckingham Palace is open a couple of months a year so we had to be there for 9.30ish on Sunday morning as our entrance time was 10.30.  Even though we had tickets had to queue up to get the tickets and queue up again to go through security (machines just like at the airport.  And ……. NO PHOTOGRAPHY!!  What a shame!  But wow, if you are in London when Buckingham Palace is open you must go see it.  Tour lasted about hour and a half.  Hipstamatic Dali again for these photos!
London 31 Jul 12London 31 Jul 13London 31 Jul 15London 31 Jul 16
From Buck Palace we had to take the tube to go all the way to Tower Hill to go visit the Tower of London.  Hyde Park Corner tube station was amazing with the amount of paintings on all the walls!  I didn’t have much time to take photos but definitely going back to take some more!  Here are the ones I took, again with Hipstamatic Dali.
London 31 Jul 17London 31 Jul 18London 31 Jul 19London 31 Jul 20
The Tower of London – queued up to see the Crown Jewells, then walked around a bit and took the boat from there to Westmister Pier :
IMG_1000001347London 31 Jul 25London 31 Jul 26London 31 Jul 27London 31 Jul 28London 31 Jul 29London 31 Jul 30London 31 Jul 32
Tower Bridge :
London 31 Jul 21London 31 Jul 23