22 December 2011

Resplendent Chiswick House

Took this photo with Hipstamatic as part of the Mobitog Hipsta challenge nominating a lens, film and flash.  Not particularly keen on the combination which was Tejas Lens, Ina’s 1969 Film and Berry Pop Flash.  For this photo I did not use the Flash.
I didn’t like the results of the Hipsta shot so I cropped the frame off with Crop Suey, I then ran it through different filters in PhotoToaster.  I wanted an edgy blurred effect and improve the colours.  That image I took into AutoPainter and AutoPainter II and ran about 3 different effects.  Took them all into Iris and blended them.  Once I was happy with the result took it back into PhotoToaster to add a frame.
Very pleased that it is featured in CreateHive today!

Here is the original photo :
If you want to participate in Mobitog’s challenges, you can find them Here

20 December 2011

FX Photo Studio iPhoneography Show

I submitted 5 photos which were accepted to the FX Photo Studio iPhoneography Show.  The Show is currently being held in the Soho Gallery for Digital Art in New York.  Out of 10,000 photos from more than 1500 photographers 200 were chosen for the show!  This is the Article
And – 2 of mine were in the Show!!!  I was so delighted and honoured to be amongst so many truly wonderful and awesome iphoneographers!  My lovely friend and fellow iPhoneographer/Mobitoger Catherine attended the show and she was so kind to take photos of our photos!
My beautiful swan – Majestic Beauty.  Took this photo a few weeks ago at Gunnersbury Park

Welcome to the Abbey – took this photo of Westminster Abbey when I went into London to meet up with Rinkey and Jim

This is all just WOW for me!  Such a great feeling to be featured!

8 December 2011

Of Lines and Shadows

Syon House is about 5 minutes cycle ride from my house and it is so beautiful.  It has the most amazing Conservatory.  I took this photo in the summer – the light, lines, shadows are magnificent!  I could go visit it every day!
Took this photo with ClassicPan and cropped a bit of the edges with Crop Suey.  Did a bit of processing with Snapseed and then took photo into PhotoToaster where I added the blueish filter to it and the frame. 
Anyhow, very chuffed it has been featured in Pixels today! 

Here is the original photo :
If you are ever in West London you should go visit Syon House!

5 December 2011

Chiswick House

Had a quick visit to Chiswick Park and took a few photos in a rush of Chiswick House – definitely need to go back to take some more photos!
And really happy to find out it was featured in CreateHive!

Took photo with 6x7 in Black and White, then processed with Snapseed and PhotoToaster

4 December 2011

Delightful Riverside

I love Richmond – used to work there up to 3 1/2 years ago and I miss working there!  Used to be able to walk to work, mostly by the river, had all the shops to wander round at lunchtime and had delightful views of the riverside plus some wonderful sunsets at wintertime!  Unfortunately in those days I did not have an iphone!   Now I work in the most horrendous place in Chertsey, in the middle of nowhere and I hate it so much!  In addition I have to drive a 32 mile round trip journey! 
Took this photo from across Richmond Bridge and my office used to be on the right hand side of the amazing Richmond Riverside development!
And yeeyyyyyy it has been featured in Pixels!

I took the photo with ClassicPan.  Used Filterstorm to brighten certain areas of the photo.  I then ran 3 different filters with AutoPainter and AutoPainterII and took them into Iris, blending them with the original and masking some areas out.  This is the original photo