22 December 2011

Resplendent Chiswick House

Took this photo with Hipstamatic as part of the Mobitog Hipsta challenge nominating a lens, film and flash.  Not particularly keen on the combination which was Tejas Lens, Ina’s 1969 Film and Berry Pop Flash.  For this photo I did not use the Flash.
I didn’t like the results of the Hipsta shot so I cropped the frame off with Crop Suey, I then ran it through different filters in PhotoToaster.  I wanted an edgy blurred effect and improve the colours.  That image I took into AutoPainter and AutoPainter II and ran about 3 different effects.  Took them all into Iris and blended them.  Once I was happy with the result took it back into PhotoToaster to add a frame.
Very pleased that it is featured in CreateHive today!

Here is the original photo :
If you want to participate in Mobitog’s challenges, you can find them Here


  1. Gorgeous as always Veevs! Congrates on being featured too!

  2. wonderfully creative piece of artwork with your photo