24 July 2011

Syon House at Syon Park

Just 5 minutes cycle ride from me is beautiful Syon House in the Syon Park estate – here is info about it http://www.syonpark.co.uk/history.asp
A few weeks ago on a rare very hot day in England (dont get many of those!) I decided to go visit Syon House (basically to cool down lol).  It was late in the afternoon and not many people visiting.  Here is a photo of the beautiul courtyard.  Photo taken with ClassicPan, then used AutoPainterII and Iris.
Syon House Courtyard

By the River

Always lots of lovely photo opportunities when I walk or cycle to Richmond.  These houseboats were shot with Hipstamatic.  I did do a bit more processing with them but can’t remember what apps I used!
Isleworth Houseboats 01Isleworth Houseboats 02
This one I took with one of the Camera apps and I then did a lot of blending with Iris :
Isleworth Houseboats 03
Walking from Richmond to Ham you pass a rowing club.  These rowing boats were stacked up so I took photo with Hipstamatic (Watts Lens, Dreamcanvas Film).  Processed photo with AutoPainterII then some more effects and blending with Iris.
Rowing Boats

23 July 2011

Playing around with new apps

Some apps are fairly simple, others take some time  to learn.  I have loads of apps that I’ve not even started to learn yet.  So today have been playing around with Photo Artista Haiku.
I took this photo inside Syon House’s Conservatory – the old vase is so beautiful.  Here is my original photo and the same photo processed with Photo Artista Haiku :
Vase in Syon 3Vase in Syon 2
Took them both into Iris and played around with several effects and blending modes.  I also sharpened it with PerfectPhoto, added a frame with Camera+ and then added my signature with Impression :
Vase in Syon
I’m happy with the results Smile

The London Eye iPhone Style!

Continuing on with my photos from my trip to London.  I used ClassicPan to take these photos – it is such a wonderful camera app!  I’m stuck just using one of the lens effects – Vivid – so I must go try out all the other different ones!  I also then processed them with Snapseed, AutoPainterII, Iris, PerfectPhoto.
London 058London 063London Eye 01
Just started using a great app called Diptic so made a couple using two of the photos :
London 057London Eye 03

22 July 2011

Some More London Photos

Took Monday 11th July as holiday and spent afternoon walking around the South Bank in London as I was going to the Mac Store at 7pm to attend a London iPhoneography exhibition.  Weather was ok (not raining like it has been for over a week now).  So I took my time to walk around by the London Eye, Westminster Bridge and Houses of Parliament to take photos with my iphone.
Houses of Parliament grunged up version
Houses of Parliament 02
Took photo with ProHDR, made some blends in Iris. Used AutoPainterII and then blended again with Iris. Sharpened a bit with PerfectPhoto.
Walking past the Houses of Parliament took photo of the side of the building
Houses of Parliament 04
I took photo with ClassicCam, then did some processing with Snapseed, AutoPainterII and Iris.
This one I took from the other side of the Houses of Parliament.  Had to put my iphone through some railings and stand on tiptoes to take the photo!
Houses of Parliament
Took photo with ProHDR, added effect with Snapseed, another one with AutoPainterII, blended several times with Iris and sharpened with PerfectPhoto.

Start Again!

Trying to get this blog organised and I do prefer to create posts using Windows Live Writer.  My London Hipstamatic photos were a bit messy and dark so I have edited them all using Camera+ and ran them through the Clarity Filter.  These were all taken with Hipstamatic – the yellowy funky ones I used the Dali Lens and the others with Watts Lens.  Used DreamCanvas Film with all of them.
Big Ben – I do love the effects the Dali produces!
London 001London 004London 017London 018
The London Eye
London 005London 012London 013London 014London 015London 016London 020London 021London 022London 023
Houses of Parliament and a couple of other buildings
London 002London 003London 010London 011London 006

13 July 2011

Big Ben

Here is my original photo

Actually not original as it was taken with ProHDR and then I did some processing with PerfectPhoto mainly sharpening. Bought Snapseed a couple of weeks ago so decided to give it a go with this photo - a bit of trial and error mainly but I like the result!

A bit dark and grungy!