14 February 2012

Feed me Too–After and Before!

So excited and happy to see that Feed me Too made it to both Pixels and CreateHive – thank you to both sites so much for choosing my images!
I spent quite sometime working on this image.  Cropped it first with CropSuey – then used Camera+ Clarity Filter, then I think I used one of the light Drama filters in Snapseed and used one of Snapseed’s Grunge filters.  Created a couple of different filters in AutoPainter and AutoPainterII – then spent some time in Iris blending and masking.  I think I also put image through DynamicLight but can’t remember now!  I should write everything down! 
Anyhow, below is the Before photo!
Amazing what a bit of cropping can do to a photo!
Feed Us was from the same photo shoot but I had a different look to it :
Feed Us
and below is the Before!
Again cropped the photo and then used TouchRetouch to remove some of the seagulls.  Think for this one I only used AutoPainter and AutoPainterII then blending and masking with Iris.

Daily Pic at Pixels


My A Bunch made it to Pixels and also as Daily Pic!  Sooo happy! Used Lomora 2, Painteresque, Camera+, DynamicLight, Iris.
Below are a few others accepted in Pixels – thank you so much!
This one I took from my Aunt’s house in Turin.

This was last weekend with the snow – Low Tide in Old Isleworth

And on the same day too at Old Isleworth

Garden equipment at my Aunt’s in Turin

5 February 2012

Before and After

Thought it would be a good idea to post my edited images and also show the originals – so guess this is After and Before!
By the river round the corner from me.  Took photo with ClassicPan, then used Snapseed, DynamicLight, ModernGrunge and Iris
The London Wharf Pub, again round the corner from me.  Took original photo with Hipstamatic, then used PhotoToaster and ModernGrunge
The Royal Albert Hall.  Took original photo with Lomora2 then used TinyPlanets, Painteresque and Iris

2 February 2012


It has been lovely to have the time to be at home and work on photos.  Last Thursday I took my Dad to see Cirque du Soleil – Totem at The Royal Albert Hall.  The show was magnificent!  We went to the afternoon show so I got there early to take some photos of the area.  Then flew out to Italy with all the family on Friday to celebrate my Aunt’s 90th!!  My Aunt lives up on a hill on the outsides of Turin and has no Internet!!  So I had plenty of time on the plane and at my Aunt’s to edit photos too.
I took this one when I went round Kew Gardens and this was inside the Glass House which was all steamy and foggy!

This one is outside The Royal Albert Hall and it is The Albert Memorial

To get to The Royal Albert Hall you go to South Kensington tube station and then walk a long way in the underpass!  Wanted to try out Lomora2 so was really happy with this image (and he has a nice bum!)

The beautiful National History Museum – really pleased how this came out as took from a distance, had to crop it and use TouchRetouch to remove a van at the front!

I have not used TinyPlanets in such a long time and I love that app!  So chuffed with the results when I used it on this photo of The Royal Albert Hall