14 February 2012

Feed me Too–After and Before!

So excited and happy to see that Feed me Too made it to both Pixels and CreateHive – thank you to both sites so much for choosing my images!
I spent quite sometime working on this image.  Cropped it first with CropSuey – then used Camera+ Clarity Filter, then I think I used one of the light Drama filters in Snapseed and used one of Snapseed’s Grunge filters.  Created a couple of different filters in AutoPainter and AutoPainterII – then spent some time in Iris blending and masking.  I think I also put image through DynamicLight but can’t remember now!  I should write everything down! 
Anyhow, below is the Before photo!
Amazing what a bit of cropping can do to a photo!
Feed Us was from the same photo shoot but I had a different look to it :
Feed Us
and below is the Before!
Again cropped the photo and then used TouchRetouch to remove some of the seagulls.  Think for this one I only used AutoPainter and AutoPainterII then blending and masking with Iris.

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