23 March 2012

So behind in posting!

Blimey over a month has gone by and have neglected to post on here!  So much has happened since too.  So will start with all my photos that were accepted by Knox at Pixels – thank you so much Knox!

See London From Up Here!  The beautiful London Eye!  I do love taking photos of the London Eye and trying out so many different processes!  Took this one with ClassicPan then processed with Camera+, AutoPainter and Iris.

LOL that is me, A Rare Occurrence!  Yeah I hate having my photo taken and am always behind the camera, not in front of it!  Was messing around with the iPad and took photo with PowerSketch and processed it with PixelWorks (which has disappeared from my iPad and from iTunes store, shame) and Pixlromatic.

High Tide in Old Isleworth – love this scene, just round the corner from me!  Took photo with ClassicPan then processed it with Camera+, AutoPainter, Painteresque, DynamicLight, Iris

Lucy’s Turn – my sweet little Lucy!  I struggle to take a good photo of her coz she always moves, or looks down or gives me the evil eye or runs away!  She is a Russian Blue and has the most amazing eyes, as per her photo!  Cropped it with CropSuey and then processed with Camera+, Snapseed and Laminar.

Off the Piste!  Yes great Apres Ski!  Taken with 6x6 then processed with Camera+, AutoPainter, AutoPainterII, Iris, PhotoToaster

Little Hut – from the same skiing resort!  6x6, PhotoToaster and Iris

I went on an Instagram Meet a couple of weekends ago where our mission was to photograph the Northern Line Tube!  I didn’t visit all the stations but did get some amazing photos and 3 have been posted in Pixels but will do a separate post with all my tube photos!  Above 3 were taken with Lomora 2 and processed with Snapseed and PhotoToaster

The Reflection Under the Bridge – I love this scene.  Every time I walk into Richmond and pass the railway line I stop to take a photo of the reflection if the weather is nice and the water is still!  Had to turn it into a painterly look!  6x6, Camera+, AutoPainter, Iris

Intensity!  Last but not least my little Lucy made it again!!  Hipstamatic and Snapseed


  1. Excellent set of images, etc... wondered why I hadn't heard anything for your blog... keep up the great work.8o))