23 July 2011

Playing around with new apps

Some apps are fairly simple, others take some time  to learn.  I have loads of apps that I’ve not even started to learn yet.  So today have been playing around with Photo Artista Haiku.
I took this photo inside Syon House’s Conservatory – the old vase is so beautiful.  Here is my original photo and the same photo processed with Photo Artista Haiku :
Vase in Syon 3Vase in Syon 2
Took them both into Iris and played around with several effects and blending modes.  I also sharpened it with PerfectPhoto, added a frame with Camera+ and then added my signature with Impression :
Vase in Syon
I’m happy with the results Smile


  1. Excellent work, Veevs!

  2. wow!!! I'm still learning how to make classic pan work for me. These are gorgeous, Veeves!!!