4 December 2011

Delightful Riverside

I love Richmond – used to work there up to 3 1/2 years ago and I miss working there!  Used to be able to walk to work, mostly by the river, had all the shops to wander round at lunchtime and had delightful views of the riverside plus some wonderful sunsets at wintertime!  Unfortunately in those days I did not have an iphone!   Now I work in the most horrendous place in Chertsey, in the middle of nowhere and I hate it so much!  In addition I have to drive a 32 mile round trip journey! 
Took this photo from across Richmond Bridge and my office used to be on the right hand side of the amazing Richmond Riverside development!
And yeeyyyyyy it has been featured in Pixels!

I took the photo with ClassicPan.  Used Filterstorm to brighten certain areas of the photo.  I then ran 3 different filters with AutoPainter and AutoPainterII and took them into Iris, blending them with the original and masking some areas out.  This is the original photo

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