28 November 2011

Street Photography

I joined a West London Meetup Photography group.  They had arranged a “crowd photography” afternoon, meeting up at the National Portrait Gallery.  I was the only one with an iphone lol!  I have never taken any street photography so was kind of nervous and scared!  I decided to take photos with Hipstamatic – Matty ALN Lens and BlacKeys film.  The weather was lovely and the Southbank in London full of people.  There is an area for Skateboarders and BMXers so spent some time taking photos there.
I joined a Flickr group called Shoot the Street and posted my photos.  I was so chuffed to be featured as Photo of the Day on 28th September, with this photo!

Apps Uncovered from www.iphoneographycentral.com also has a Flickr group and on a Friday Nicki choosed 12 images to be featured in Apps Uncovered.  I took this photo on the Tube going into London to the Meetup – couldn’t resist taking the photo of these two women sitting opposite me!  They were featured in Apps Uncovered on 30th September
And on 14th October another photo of the day was featured too.  This one I took walking in the Southbank.
Went to an Instragram Meetup in London – where first stop was a small talk at the Apple Store in Covent Garden.  Took this photo going down the stairs and was really happy that this one too got featured in Apps Uncovered on 28th October!
I really like this Hipsta combination – wonderful effects and frame!

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