27 November 2011

Where to Start!

Oh boy its been over 2 months since I blogged and I am loving iphoneography more and more every day!  Not to mention being included in several amazing Facebook pages and making so many new friends!  My style keeps changing and I love experimenting with apps, both in taking photos and editing them!
I belong to an amazing iphoneography community Mobitog – it started small and is run by the amazing Roger and Matt – both in the UK.  It is such a lovely community, several different types of weekly challenges and everyone extremely friendly and helpful!  If you are into iphoneography or starting up, definitely come join us.
I am so chuffed that so many of my images have been featured in different places!
Four have been in Pixels with Leshon being The Daily Pic on 30 October

There is a lovely little carousel in the Southbank in London and I was there with Rinkey and Jim a few weeks ago.  Took photo with Hipstamatic and processed it with PhotoToaster.
From the Other Side of the River :

I cycled to Kew Gardens one Sunday afternoon and to get to Kew I cross to the other side of the river.  On my way back the light was amazing and the view in the photo is of Old Isleworth (couple minutes walk from my flat).  Took photo with ClassicPan and processed it with AutoPainter, AutoPainterII and blended them all in Iris.
Summer Times was also taken with ClassicPan and processed with both AutoPainters and Iris.  Took this photo from Richmond Bridge – such a beautiful view.

Royal Doorway :

Went to Ham House a few weeks ago when I had a day off!  It’s beautiful!  Can’t believe I had never been considering it just up the road from Richmond!  Took photo with Hipstamatic and processed it with PhotoToaster.
More to follow!

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