26 January 2012

Catching up

My lovely, wonderful, beautiful Mum passed away on 29 December.  She had been ill for a long time and she died peacefully and is no longer in pain or suffering.  I contracted a horrendous viral infection on the 30th December which made me extremely ill – and still off work recovering from it.  My family and I had so much to do and I was so ill throughout it all that had no creativity.
But I started working on photos last week again and loving it so much!  Have been on a roll!
So delighted to have a few of my photos featured both in Pixels and CreateHive!

Found out about two new fabulous apps which I have been using in my new images – Painteresque and Modern Grunge.  Loving them.  Below are other images I have created this week


  1. Veevs sometimes we need to stop, this time? it was forced, but it made you think and rethink your life and work. Loosing a part of us its painful and it last forever, I know by experience. What I see is that your work is great and reflects lot's of quality, sensibility and a wonderful technical feeling to express yourself .
    Keep going your work is a pleasure to see.
    Emanuel (the Mobipeep from Portugal)

  2. Emanuel thank you so much for your lovely message and caring words. I went through 3 very painful and extremely ill weeks but even during that time was missing working with photos. It relaxes me and gives me so much pleasure. I am so glad I have found my creativy back! Thank you for liking my work, and I ditto your work too!