22 April 2012

Instagram London meet in London 21 April–Hipstamatic Photos

Great meet up yesterday!  Went into London early to take some photos then met up with everyone at Charing Cross station.  Walked over to The Southbank taking lots of photos, then over Westminster Bridge, into Whitehall and ending up in Soho.  Luckily the weather held up and there was even free music at Trafalgar Square!  A selection of my Hipstamatic shots of the day

IG 21 April 17IG 21 April 21IG 21 April 36IG 21 April 44IG 21 April 98IG 21 April 103

These were shot with Matty ALN and BlacKeys B+W

IG 21 April 01IG 21 April 02IG 21 April 11IG 21 April 16IG 21 April 25IG 21 April 26IG 21 April 27IG 21 April 32IG 21 April 45IG 21 April 55IG 21 April 64IG 21 April 66IG 21 April 83IG 21 April 89IG 21 April 93IG 21 April 97

Matty ALN and DreamCanvas


  1. Walked over to The Southbank instagram likes app taking lots of photos, then over Westminster Bridge,

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